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Various outputs for various uses

Engineering calculation is generaly pretty complex stuff. You are responsible for each input, each intermediate result and - of course - the final result.
That's why you should always be able to check the calculation step-by-step.
On the other hand - it is not always neccessary to print tons of paper. Brief output with major intermediate results is good enough for internal purposes, basic design or overview.
DesignForms provide outputs for all cases. You can check the calculation step-by-step in detailed output, or print just single page report.

Outputs of DesignForms calculations

Detailed output - is the most detailed output. It contains all formulas, texts, remarks, tables, images. No calculation step, no intermediate result is hidden. Detailed output is intended for verifications and detailed analysis.
Standard output - is optimum compromise between the level of detail and length of the output. It contains most of formulas, images, tables and remarks. Formula descriptions and auxiliary calculations are hidden. This output is intended to be printed and presented to the customer.
Brief output - this output is as short as possible. It contains just the most important intermediate results. Formulas are not substituted, almost no texts and remarks are printed. It is intended for internal purposes, draft prints.
Page output - this output is optimised on one page A4. It contains as much info as possible on one page A4. It contains important intermediate results, images and tables. It is intended for internal purposes, structure overview.

Download samples: