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Calculations you can trust


Easy to use for day-to-day design - The user interface is as simple as can be. Just select calculation, enter the input values and get your output.
Self – explanatory input dialogue – never hesitate over input values, never look for hidden settings. All the inputs are clear and visible at one place. All inputs belongs to the calculation, you will never fight with useless switches.
Immediate response - Adaptation to input data are immediately reflected in the calculation output. You can design any structure in seconds.
Do you need to optimize cross section? Forget complex settings and recalculations. Just try a few cross sections and select the best one!


Mobile – get it done, anywhere - Whether you’re working from your computer, tablet, or phone, DesignForms has you covered.
Flexible - Work from office, construction site or home – DesignForms are always available for you.
Integration with your favorite software – Simply paste combinations, deformations or other input directly from your favorite software