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Step by step wizard: Create and upload your first calculation

  1. Login to your DesignForms account
    Log in to your DesignForms account.
  2. Go to your account management
    Expand menu in top-right corner and select "My Account"
  3. Download DesignForms Builder
    Click "DesignForms Builder" in left menu and than "Download' button.
  4. Install DesignForms Builder
    Save downloaded file "setup.exe" to your local harddrive and run it.
    Depending on your settings and version of Windows, you can be asked to confirm installation (see Windows 10 screenshot below).
  5. Create sample calculation
    To start new calculation, click Main menu -> File -> New
    We will create your first calculation in 5 simple steps:
    1. Write some mathematical formula to the Script Editor. For example: A = B + C * D;
      Don't forget to close each command with semicolon ";".
    2. Click Refresh button (or press "F5") to compile your script. This will read the script, add new variables, update the output and process all neccessary actions.
    3. Variables used in your formula were automatically added to Table of variables.
      You can set description, physical units and initial values of each variable here.
    4. Add input fields for each variable into the dialog (see second screenshot)
      Click ">>>" button for each variable which you want to add into the dialog
    5. Click "Export CLC" button.
      You will be prompted to save your calculation (if you didn't save it before).
      This step will generate:
      • *.CLS - DesignForms source file. This is text file, which contains complete source code of your calculation (including dialog, layout etc.).
      • *.CLC - DesignForms compiled file. This is binary file used by DesignForms Online. We will use this file in next steps.
  6. Upload your calculation
    When the calculation (CLC file) is ready, you can upload it to DesignForms Online.
    Login to your account and go to Account management (see steps 1 and 2) and click File explorer in left menu.
    1. Switch to tab Calculations
    2. Click Upload button and select the CLC file.
      You can also drag&drop CLC file directly to the right panel of file explorer.
    3. Make sure that the file was uploaded - it must be listed in the right panel of file explorer.
  7. Register the calculation
    1. Click Register calculation in left menu
    2. Browse to CLC file uploaded in previous step
    3. Set calculation name, description, annotation, norm code and category.
      Sub-category is optional.
      Please fill-in "Test" to the category, if you are only testing upload.
    4. Select proper product accessibility
      • Hidden - part of package - calculation is hidden, it is not visible nor to the author. It becomes available when you add it to some package.
      • Internal corporate calculation - calculation for internal use. It is visible just for you and your colleagues in the company.
      • Public paid calculation - calculation is available for all users who pays for it. It is automatically listed in the eshop.
      • Public free calculation - calculation is available for all users for free. Calculating serves as a support for a particular product. Author of the calculation must have a prepaid package "Corporate account for sales support".
  8. Test your calculation
    Go to project page and test your calculation.
    Calculation will be automatically added to ribbon menu, to the category you set in previous step.