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Export to Microsoft Office

DesignForms is flexible tool for daily use. We understand that DesignForms output is just a part of the work and needs to be integrated into main document, enginnering report.
That's why we support native export to MS Word.
Exported MS Word document is standard *.docx format certified by Microsoft. You can use all features and techniques to work with this document(s). You can edit and format texts, paragraphs, use styles. You can add and delete objects, copy-paste parts of the document to other applications and documents.
You can chose of two easy ways of export:

Editable MS Word document

Editable MS Word documents gives you full control over the output. Editable MS Word output consists of standard MS Word objects: equations, texts, images, tables, etc.
You can work with that document as with any other. You can edit values, font size, color, positions...
Use this output, if you need to continue work with the document.

Download samples:

Fixed MS Word document

Fixed MS Word document consists of DesignForms paragraphs (metafile images). It is not possible to modify content of these paragraphs. But you can still edit the document itself: add remarks and notes, headlines, blocks of text; you can edit header and footer.
Use this output, if you preffer simplicity and you don't need to edit output content.
Download samples: