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DesignForms online is open platform for sharing engineering calculations. We have 480+ registered users from 23 countries all over the world. More than 100 engineers visit DesignForms website every day.
Sell your calculations! Do you have a basic programming skills? Are you an expert on engineering calculations? Create calculation template and upload it to Design Forms website. We will promote it and offer to our users.
Sell your work to engineers all over the world!
Focus on the development - Design Forms stuff take care of payment, invoice and book keeping.
You can focus just on the development.
Design Forms site statistics:
Active Users
Monthly payout - Your share will be paid on monthly basis.
Author reward - get author's share 40% of each sold subscription. The claim is unlimited. Template developed today will earn you money in future!
Annual package subscription fee 100 EUR
Author reward (40%) 40 EUR
Number of sold licenses 50 licenses
Total author's annual reward 50 * 40 = 2000 EUR
Free Integrated Development Environment - Download DesignForms IDE for free. You get powerful tools for calculation development, testing and translations! Download DesignForms Builder here (for free)
Wide support for new developers - Follow our webinars on  YouTube channel, join  discussion forum or ask for  direct support. We will help you to get started!
Sample source codes - You do not want to start from scratch? Download the source codes for the calculations of the Basic package. You can study and modify it at will. Download calculation source codes
Create and upload your first calculation in 5 minutes!
This wizard will guide you through the step-by-step process of calculation development.

Upload your calculation today and start earning!