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DesignForms for students

A great tool for studying

Calculations ready to use - Basic package (free for students) contains tens of structural and engineering calculations ready to use. Save your time, focus on understanding the problem. Don't reinvent the wheel...
Norm code formulas with substitution - DesignForms output contains complete calculation procedure, including formulas with substitution, comments and notes.
You get perfect study material worked strictly according to EuroCode.
Basic Package is free for students - all full-time students of technical universities get Basic package for free.
How you get Basic package for one year for free?
  • Create your DesignForms account
  • Send the request for free Basic Package from your school address to our support team

Your opportunity to make money

Sell your knowledge - start earning on your knowledge today. Create any technical calculation, upload it to DesignForms Online and make money!
Author's reward 40% - you get author's reward of 40% from each active subscription. With no time limit.
Calculation developed today will earn you money in future. Year by year...
Annual package subscription fee 100 EUR
Author reward (40%) 40 EUR
Number of sold licenses 50 licenses
Total author's annual reward 50 * 40 = 2000 EUR
Reward 5% per recommended developer - You are not able to develop calculation, but you know the clever classmate? Never mind.
Recommend developer and get recommendation reward 5% of the price of each active subscription.