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Glass Balustrade Design
Invariant - Glass -
Author: Ciprian Popa
Created: 4/10/2017
Last updated: 7/16/2017
Glass Balustrade Design (BETA Version)

The form calculates a cantilevered glass balustrade according to prEN 16612. The load is uniformly distributed along the railing. The form has a general glass database from European manufacturers and can use laminated glass in the design. The Form proposes a theoretical thickness and then does the deflection and tension checks including for post-failure scenarios. Form is available in English, French and Romanian. 

  • Based on European Glass Design Code (prEN 16612)

  • Multiple language support (English, French, Romanian)

  • 3 Report templates (Detailed, Standard, Brief)

  • Glass Material Database

  • Laminated Glass support

  • Transparent formulas (including substitutions in detailed report)