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Check bending with LTB
EuroCode - EN 1993-1-1 -
Author: Design Forms s.r.o.
Created: 6/27/2016
Last updated: 8/29/2016
Check of bending with lateral torsional buckling


Image NB 3.1. - Values description and symbol convention during loading by Fz

(C) - compression fibers, (T) - tension fibers, S - shear center, G - center of gravity

Image NB 3.2. - Symetric cross sections - symetric to center or to the stiff axis

Table NB 3.1. - Coefficient values C1 and C3 when member is loaded by end moments dependent on  coefficients kz and coefficients yf and kwt

remark 1)

remark 2) 0,7L = fixed left end, 0,7R = fixed right end


Table NB 3.2. - Coefficient values C1, C2 and C3 for different cases of perpendicular loading, dependend on coefficients ky, kz, kw and coefficients yf and kwt

remark 1)

remark 2) Parameter ψf is for the center of the length

remark 3) Values of critical moment Mcr is for the section with Mmax