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VisualID generation

Postby jkrsik » 04 Mar 2016, 15:24

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Version R 16.0.14+

Due improving of merging procedure, generation of visual IDs was improved.

Visual ID is now created in this style:
AuthorID - always 3 symbols, like KRS, SLE...
SDFMinorVersion - Minor number of version, 3 digits - R version have 000, Deve16 - 016
VC_ID - ordered number of VC, same as before, 6 digits

Examples of new VC_ID: SLE218_000548, KRS116_004578, DLO106_000055 etc.

The user is informed about necessarity of set his unique AuthorID after first start of version which contains this improvement.
VisualComponent setting of author
VC_ID.PNG (45.17 KiB) Viewed 3212 times

This setting is available only for users with module 707 - "Internal developer" in licence. For other users will be used AuthorID = "UNK" as Unknown
All VC_ID in all internal forms were updated with AuthorID = "INI" as Initial

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